Follow-Up Spinal Scan
Yellow and gray spine illustrates change.
Initial Spinal Scan
Multicolors noted on spine ranging from gray to red.

This spinal picture show the results of the initial scan.  Problem areas of the spine are illustrated by the range in colors from white (normal) to red (severe problems).

Following consultation recommendations and good patient compliance, the Follow-Up Scan shows noted improvement as illustrated by decrease in colors on spine.

                                                   3 D IMAGES OF ACTUAL SCAN RESULTS 


The full body scan shows 3-D images of the brain, spine, all major organs, and the lymphatic system.   Following the 10 minute scan a consultation will be provided  by our expert consultants with  recommendations to help correct problems detected by the scan.   



Initial Brain Scan
Multicolors noted on brain.

The above image of the brain presents with colors that illistrate that deficiences have been detected by the scanner .  The red color indicates a serious problem.  These  problems can be corrected with the intake of the necessary nutrients required for the brain cells. 

Follow-Up Brain Scan
Gray brain scan is a good brain.

The above scan of the brain has a mild yellow color in one area but the gray ilustrates a brain that has received the necessary nutrient requirements for a healthy brain.