LET'S TAKE A LOOK, LLC  has listened to the needs of our clients, who have recognized the need to obtain a weekly intravenous vitamin cocktail.  Formulated from the original Dr. Myers cocktail, our new division, 

Let's Take A Drip, LLC ,  has developed eight different intravenous infusions designed based on oxidative stress levels of your first two scans.  


Our unique IV cocktails are offered weekly for 8-10 sessions for $349-$399 to individuals with the following conditions:

      Acne     Alzheimer's     Allergies/Psoriasis     Anti-wrinkles/Aging    Autism


     Cancer  COPD     Coronary Artery Disease     Cystic Fibrosis   Diabetes II


     Elevated LDL     Emphysema     Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue


     Heavy metal toxicity     HIV/Other viral infections     Liver cirrhosis/detoxification


     Multiple Sclerosis     Neuropathic Diabetic Pain     Osteoarthritis/"Runner Knee"


     SVR above 1700 and a Major Enhancer of Athletic Performance  


PLEASE CALL 210 334-8336 to discuss proper vein preparation supplements that are required prior to any vitamin infusion.